Wednesday, October 26

Argghhhhh.... i dig a hole

i've work in a rather big dept. clearing your annual leaves is always an issue among all of us. sometimes it can get pretty nasty and folks start having back talks. we have to give 6 months in advance our plan leave and even than, it's not a confirmation that you get the date you *applied* for. especially when there's more than 1 person blocking for the same date.

this year i've noticed that 2 of my colleagues *partner* up to block dates for their annual leave. at first i thought maybe i was being paranoid. but than, the same name appears on some other dates... and i'm like hmmm.... see their plan is, if these 2 mofos block on 24 Dec, no one will applied for that date cuz there's already 2 person applying for it. however, as the date get nearer, one of them convenient drop their plan, so the other partner could go ahead. now i kept my mouth shut cuz i don't want to start no shit.

well, guess i'm not the only one as couple of others noticed what these 2 mofos up to. i finally lost my cool (cuz he was trying to act all kind and shit by giving up his leave for me) and  i sarcastically mentioned to him that i'm aware of their *partnering* and now both of them giving me the cold shoulder. well i don't give a shit n a bucket. screw them both!!

i dig deeper hole by questioning my boss about his leave. you see, if you going to tell me, we as a staff can't do this or that, now why the hell you turn around and screw your own do's and don't and did it anyway??? of course i'm going to question you because i want to know why *the rules* not applicable to you. now on this particular incident, glad to know that my friend have my back cuz while my boss end up telling his sob story to her, she turn around and turn the table on him. (not sure if this makes any sense to you). anyway, she told him, what the dept wants is transparency, you can't turn around and bend your own rules and expect the staff to accept without any valid explanation. however, i did apologise to him saying it was not my intention to question him, but for my own better understanding of how things work. i felt a leader have to lead by good examples only than the rest of the crews will follow....

oh well that's just my opinion anyway and yeah, the bosses always get to screw you....

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Diedra B said...

doesn't sound like you dug a hole. . . but some of your coworkers did.

What would happen if you also requested the same date? Would it be out of the question since at least one person is going to keep their plans? Is it a first come first served basis?